London Counselling Psychology

Clinic Fees


Single Sessions

1 x 50 minute sessions


6 Week Package

6 x 50 minute sessions


3 Month Package

12 x 50 minute sessions


Couples Therapy

1 x 60 minute sessions

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

1- 6 sessions

The first set of sessions will help you get to the root of your problems and help you understand what may be keeping you stuck. You will be able to develop some tools and techniques which may be just enough.

6 -12 sessions

Further session will enable clients to go much deeper, where you will make exhilirating discoveries, have a plan of action, practice and implement new tools.

12 or more sessions

Recurrent and longstanding problems may need longer to complete but we are able to develop a plan that suits all. People with mixed problems often benefit from 12-24 sessions.

What to Expect from Your Sessions

During your sessions you will be given the opportunity to be really seen, understood and supported in a totally confidential and non-judgemental environment.

Dr Samina will help you identify blocks and subconscious programming that has been holding you back from projecting your higher self. Below is a brief example of what to expect from a session. However every client is unique and will have a tailored treatment plan specific to their needs:

  • Thorough Assessment of Presentation

  • Childhood Scripts/Belief Systems

  • Identify Blocks

  • Move Through Triggers

  • Maintenance Cycles

  • Get Personalised Treatment 

  • Get Personalised Tools

  • Move into High Self-Worth 

  • Relapse Prevention Plan

Structure and Booking Sessions


We recommend weekly ongoing sessions at the same time and day each week to provide consistency and flow to your therapy, as well as a real opportunity to develop a therapeutic relationship and progress towards the goals set in your first session. Everyone is unique, so we will never tie you into a set number of sessions. Sessions can also be flexible: fortnightly, ad hoc and often same day appointments are available. 


Remote sessions create a consistent anchor amongst our busy lives, careers and travels. It’s an opportunity to learn how to create healthy boundaries and carve out time for yourself. Like a retreat at home we will encourage you to create your own sacred space at home as well as having a post-session ritual. Sessions will take place via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom which is free and highly secure. 


If you are registered with a healthcare insurer you are welcome to have your fees paid for by your insurer. 


To book an appointment simply use the online contact form. Once we can confirm a day and time that works for you, you will be required to make payment in advance via bank transfer within 24 hours to secure your booking. If you need to reschedule, you must do so at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to your scheduled appointment. If you do not reschedule 72 hours in advance and can no longer make your appointment time, you will forfeit your session and will not be provided a refund. Thank you for respecting our time.